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IPT Innovative Print Technologies Sdn Bhd were founded in 2014 and official registered and started our business on 31st July 2017

Our mission provide branded products and service of superior quality and value that improve the lives and work of the whole Malaysian leading industries

Our products as Web Guiding, Web Video, 100% Inspection, Register Control, Workflow, Blades & Knife, Doctor Blades, Laser for Alignment, UV Lamps & Strips, Color Measurement, Tension Controller, Thickness Gauge Measurement, Viscosity Meter & Systems, Anilox Roller and End Seals.

Our products are from Germany, UK, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Belgium and China


Our Products

Digital Web Monitoring


With iPQ-View, BST eltromat International offers you a powerful tool for digital web monitoring in the printing process. The user is able to make sound decisions on optical quality assurance on the basis of print image displays in excellent image quality.

The intuitive operating concept minimizes reaction times and frees the user for other tasks. A wide variety of standard functions and equipment options make iPQ-View an attractive, multifunctional tool for quality assurance.

100% Print Inspection


iPQ-Check is one of the components of the iPQ-Center. As an intelligent tool for quality management, iPQ-Check uncompromisingly combines 100% print inspection with high-quality web monitoring throughout the entire print format. Typical areas for implementation of the iPQ-Check include packaging printing, decorative prints, wallpaper printing, and label printing. iPQ-Check also enables you to identify defects on rewinders, cross cutters, and longitudinal cutters.

With high-performance line cameras, iPQ-Check delivers detailed color image information for an instant read of the print pattern, starting from the first rotation of the print cylinder. Advanced technologies and algorithms ensure a complete and reliable inspection and the immediate elimination of the source of defects. The result: flawless print quality that impresses your


Spectral Inline Color Measurement

The iPQ-Spectral fully automated, spectral inline color measurement system supports you in maintaining prescribed color standards by carrying out an inline measurement inside your printing machine. The color measurements and comparison with print samples that would normally be performed with hand-held devices after roll changes are therefore no longer necessary.

Completely automatic measurement…
…significantly supports you when setting up the machine.
…continuously monitors color data during the job.
…objectively evaluates the color data and triggers warnings and alarms if prescribed tolerances are exceeded.
…records color deviations and generates a job report.

iPQ-Spectral is in a close development partnership with X-Rite, the market leader for offline measurement systems, and therefore offers the highest data compatibility with X-Rite hand-held devices.


TubeScan eagle view at a glance:

•Cost-efficient combination of 100% print inspection and detail viewing, patented and unique worldwide
•Detail viewing of critical areas like registration marks, 2d barcodes, picture areas, etc. down to dot level
•Camera for detail viewing is motorized and can be easily navigated with respect to the displayed print repeat
•Switchable UV illumination (365 nm)
•No print mark sensor or gear sensor required for synchronization
•100% live visualising from start of machine
•The optimal back light enables monitoring of the back print register
•Small foot print, only requires 125mm (5″) in web direction
•Can be combined with all options available for TubeScan digital strobe


Electronic register controls play a significant role in the modern printing process. They take over the register’s ongoing, program-controlled monitoring in web-fed printing and therefore provide reliable printing processes with first-class results. In the development of BST eltromat register controls, the specific requirements for the areas of implementation in web printing play a central role – from gravure printing to flexo printing and offset printing all the way to screen printing, for both inline and offline processes.

The BST eltromat regi_star 20 register control significantly contributes to the automation of the processes in the printing process. Its use sustainably reduces set-up times and waste, while it increases the printing machine’s productivity. At the same time, a new hardware architecture with maximum flexibility was developed for the sophisticated BST eltromat product, so that additional functions can be integrated at any time. regi_star 20 is suitable for all common print methods on inline printing machines and is customized to current requirements dependent on the application.

regi_commander: Compact Operating Panel
•Remote operation of the regi_star 20 control system
•Direct visualization and correction of regiser deviations


Only suppliers who carry out printing processes quickly, without any major waste and downtimes, and with the maximum degree of consistent quality can remain competitive on today’s market.
The POWERScope 5000 digital monitoring system from BST eltromat is best suited for use in label printing and other narrow web applications. But even in the monitoring of wider webs, the system delivers first-class performance – with maximum economy, of course.

POWERScope 5000 combines state-of-the-art technology with user-friendliness, while being perfectly adapted to the requirements of modern printing machines. The BST eltromat system uses a compact digital camera for excellent image quality and offers numerous innovative functions that are unique in the entry-level segment in web monitoring. POWERScope 5000 is available with a number of options, like motorized traverses and 21.5″ multitouch monitors.

POWERScope 5000 at a Glance
•Innovative operating concept for flexible adjustment; external keyboard for optimal mounting on the camera, traverse, or on the machine; optional 21.5″ multitouch monitor
•High image resolution, wide web applications, High-performance LED strobe
•Modular system design

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